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bv伟德ios下载艺术学生在一个令人惊叹的环境中创作和学习艺术, 掌握传统和新媒体,因为他们推动他们的个人视野的边界. Ideally located between Chicago and Milwaukee, 学生们在国际公认的博物馆里欣赏伟大的艺术品, prepare for careers in the creative economy, 建立终身的职业关系和友谊.

Studio Art and Art Education

工作室艺术专业的学生在设备齐全的工作室里与他们的教授和其他艺术学生在一系列传统和新媒体领域密切合作. 学生通过展览机会发展专业技能和人脉, internships, annual portfolio reviews with faculty, individual studio spaces for seniors, solo thesis exhibitions, 和艺术组织为bv伟德ios下载以外的生活做准备.

Carthage’s studio art courses:

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Illustration
  • Ceramics
  • Sculpture
  • Printmaking
  • Photography
  • Animation
  • Digital Arts
  • Video
  • Film
  • Performance
  • Installation
  • Sound
  • Light

The art history and theory courses 让学生把视觉艺术作为一种持久的文化遗产来学习. 课程旨在为理解和解释视觉文化提供智力框架, 并培养学生必要的分析能力,以讨论不同时代的复杂艺术表现模式.

Carthage offers a major in art with K-12 public school licensure 为获得威斯康星州艺术教育执照提供必要的准备. 本专业培养学生成为工作室艺术家和高效教师所需的技能.

2017年,艺术专业的Paul salsiider在Hedberg图书馆的艺术壁画. Community Connections


Central experiences include visiting artist workshops, studio visits with professional artists, and exhibition opportunities on and off campus.

original work

每个工作室艺术专业的学生都会举办一个展示他们能力的高级展览. 通过付费的暑期研究项目,多位艺术家在校园壁画上留下了持久的印记.


Art Facilities

学生可以享受设备齐全,阳光充足的工作室 H. F. Johnson Center for the Fine Arts该校的计算机实验室还配备了最新的图像和视频编辑软件. Exhibition spaces include the H. F. Johnson Gallery of Art, Visual and Performing Arts Lab, and Campbell Student Union Art Gallery, a student-run space. 额外的展览机会与邻近的机构和当地/地区画廊协调.

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Student Organizations

Student organizations, including Student Art Board, Art Club, and Kappa Pi, the Honors Art Fraternity, develop professional networking opportunities. 机会包括年度24小时绘画马拉松, Print-a-Rama, panel talks, peer critiques, and field trips. Each semester trips are led to Chicago, Milwaukee, and abroad, visiting commercial galleries, museums, and art fairs.

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  • Kelsey Spofford

    “I have been able to explore my individuality through academics as well as develop lifelong friendships. Being at Carthage has given me opportunities like no other.”

  • Basil Kiracofe

    “The best way to make friends at Carthage is to join different organizations and campus events! I met some of my closest friends through the different organizations that I’ve joined.”

  • Abigail Smith

    “Carthage has been instrumental in shaping my artistic journey and providing me with the skills and knowledge I need to pursue my dreams in the art world. I am excited about the future and the possibilities that lie ahead.”

  • Amber Redmond

    “Growing up, I always thought college wouldn’t be for me and everyone did their own thing, but Carthage is a strong community and everyone wants to see you succeed.”


Arts Careers: Preparation for the Future

bv伟德ios下载的文科课程中学习和创作艺术,使学生成为艺术领域的创新者和领导者. 在地区画廊和博物馆实习的机会, professional art studios, 设计公司为学生提供真实的体验, networking building, and potential jobs. Strong critical thinking skills, technical knowledge, 视觉沟通能力延伸到各种基于艺术的领域, including:

  • Professional artist
  • Art historian
  • K-12 art educator
  • Curator
  • Art therapist
  • Arts administrator
  • Art critic
  • Arts writer
  • Community arts educator
  • Arts outreach coordinator

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